Zombie cat?

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So several days ago Claire drug India out of the litter box where he was passed out face down trying to pull an Elvis. He was gone for days!! It was quiet and Alfred and I had a wonderful time playing. Then it seemed like he was gone forever. I thought he looked awful and considered the idea that Claire lied and India was dead. It seemed pretty likely since Claire and Nathan seemed so sad. Alfred and I agreed that it was just us. Well, yesterday Claire brings back that awful cage box thing and inside was India. But he smells a bit off, and he’s not quite the same. He just lays around and drips pee but doesn’t get in trouble. I don’t get it. I think he might be a zombie. I’m not taking any chances. Alfred seems to think everything is fine, but you won’t catch me turning my back on zombie India. Nope.


India is in the hospital

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He’s really done it this time. He has to stay at the vet’s office for several days. Maybe Claire & Nathan will forget to turn off his food thing, and I can get twice the snacks! I’m sure he’ll be fine. Maybe they’re having his tummy tucked since he lost all that weight. Well, I knew he was sick. He wouldn’t play or eat and just lay practically on top of the water fountain. I hope we won’t have to baby him too much when he gets back. That’s all he needs. Then he really will be spoiled.

India is sick

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Again! I very rarely get sick. Luckily, I think Claire & Nathan have figured out that India is the one who puked downstairs, so hopefully I won’t have to go to the vet too. Of course, the big baby has been getting all kinds of attention. Maybe I should try being sick sometime. They keep babying him with offerings of food (which he refuses like a nut!) and a heating pad!! He just moans dramatically and turns away. Of course, it’s all his own doings. He went into the garage and ATE sawdust! Really! You’d think he would have learned from that time he drank the nasty sawdust water, but NO! At least he isn’t leaving mysterious green puddles everywhere so we both have to go to the vet. I don’t understand his love for sawdust. It obviously disagrees with him. Plus, there are so many other treats in the garage. There are spiders and bugs, and occasionally, if I’m lucky, I’ll find a mouse or lizard. Those have a habit of disappearing before I’m done with them. Crazy people just want to clean everything up before I’m done! I digress. Everyone please wish India a speedy recovery so the rest of us can get some attention around here.

Quiet Night

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It’s been quiet here tonight. What a relief! Lately, Adam has been coming over a lot. Now I really like Adam. He lived here for a while, and I still don’t understand why he doesn’t any more. His room was always so cozy, and the pile of blankets on his bed were fluffy and warm. Adam and I bonded. But no more! He keeps bringing this monster with him. I’m still not sure what it is, but it seems to like Alfred, so India really hates it. It’s big and black and generally terrifying. I think it could eat me. I’m surprised India hates it, though. He seems to like dark things. I suppose it’s because he can’t curl up on top of this thing. What really kills me is when they sneak it into the garage. Our litter box is out there, and it’s always shocking when I go through the little door to find myself face-to-face with the monster. Sure, there’s a little gate between us, but I’m not buying the idea that it couldn’t bust through that gate if it thought Nathan and Claire weren’t watching. They keep calling it Safi, so I assume that’s it’s name, but who would name a monster! Yikes!

Fine. Fine. Fine!

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Fine. Are you happy? Whoop-di-do. The dog’s back… Great!



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They brought Alfred back.


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Happy thanksgiving. Sorry I missed the actual day, but the people took the computer with them. What am I thankful for? I’m thankful that I did not starve while the people were away. I’m thankful for my automatic feeder. I’m thankful that my people have returned. But mostly I’m thankful that they seem to have come to their senses and wherever they went with Alfred, they chose to leave Alfred behind. I’m sure he will be happy where he is. I’m also sure life will quiet down without him here to bark and clack his nails on the floor. Perhaps the people in his new home will teach him to retract his claws. It’s just common courtesy.

Hopefully next year I will get to try this turkey I hear so much about. I hope it tastes like chicken. I think I would like chicken.